Friday, January 29, 2010

Left Right Characterization

Left Right Characterization

We can divide voters based on the following complementary questions:

We like to tell other people what to do

Some people seem to be gripped by an overwhelming desire to boss other people around in detail. These people migrated to socialism, and have since moved to the Green movement. Typical examples are the attempts to ban plastic bags and ordinary light bulbs. This is rarely the best way to achieve actual objectives and it seriously annoys significant sections of the population. The Green movement seems to have decided that we'd all be better living simpler lives, closer to Nature. This might be true (if it was possible). But it then raises the question of which comes first: the prescription that we all use less energy, or the problem that it is supposedly meant to solve (Global Warming). Weren't they advocating a poorer and simpler life for other reasons before they jumped on the AGW bandwagon?

On the other side some voters are easily convinced that the prescriptions provided are meant for the best and should be followed. Many other are seriously annoyed.

We like strong leadership

Some people are looking for a strong leader who will be confident about what needs to be done and identifies themself with the nation and drags everyone along in a tough way.

Other people would like a do nothing government that doubts itself and strives to determine the truth in a cooperative way, rather than impose a particular vision of the truth. 

Somehow in democracies we get a messy combination. The facts are manipulated to push a particular view. Leaders pretend to be strong, but are careful what they strongly support. This might, as Churchill said, be the best one can hope for from government.