Tuesday, January 12, 2010

International Baseball

International Baseball

I like Baseball. Lots of subtlety and complexity. On the negative side, it has a lot of luck. Any one game is a bit of a lottery.

MLB (American Major League Baseball) likes to be the only place where top level Baseball is played. It is really disappointing to me that International Baseball isn't allowed to reach its potential. 

Single Baseball games often allow the weaker team to win. The best-of-7 (first to 4) series is the right way to play International Baseball. You need a series like that to test out the pitching staff and to bring out all the different situations that make Baseball so interesting. I really think that Baseball Australia could get good crowds and good TV income from 7 game series against countries like Japan, Korea, South American countries, etc. And since our summer is the MLB off season one might hope to get top players involved. Even if MLB doesn't allow that, I reckon International Baseball could still be popular.

Give us some Baseball to watch where we care about the result. There is no chance of getting club Baseball going in Australia. It is a sport like Rugby and Cricket and Athletics, where people aren't interested except at the International level.