Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's coming up

What's coming up

The New Year resolution to do a post a day is starting to fade. Let me try to inspire myself with some things I can write about.

I'm working on my Bridge bidding system, Smart Acol. I can post some stuff on that and the rationale.

I have my programming language, COPL (Closure Oriented Programming Language), and there is much to write about that.

I have an open source software project called CallHome. It is the simplest way to add low performance real time stuff to the web. I have an implementation in C. Will redo and improve using the new language Go. I need to write an Internet Draft. Plenty to write about here.

I have my Smart Workflow project which I'm trying to write using Google App Engine. I need to get back to that, and write about it. It needs real time.

My main obsession, that stops me getting anything done, is understanding the Energy Crisis and the consequent (in my opinion) financial crisis. Ideally this will all gel together into a book: Energy Crisis Economics. I need to be more organized.

I also have in mind a book "Respect your Genes, but stand up to them", subtitle "the secret of happiness". I can do more posts based on the ideas in that book.

I have a big interest in health. Maybe if I wrote more about that then I'd keep to my diet and exercise program better. I mostly favour balance, rather than looking for good things to do and bad things to avoid. I do believe that vitamin D is important, but also that sunshine has significant benefits in addition to vitamin D production.